About Karen


Karen Fabiano began her crafty-ness at a young age but it wasn’t until July 2005 that she began taking her crafty creations to the next level when she decided to get a business license and see if she could make her hobby into a business.

In early January 2006 she was in her first retail shop selling Bottle Cap Mixed Media; basically meaning anything bottle cap, pins, magnets, necklaces, bracelets, and business card holders.  In 2008 Karen was in more than 19 stores across the United States and Karen’s product line had grown to include nightlights and note cards in addition to a large selection of bottle cap items. By 2010 more than half the stores Karen was in that featured handmade items had closed, mainly due to the economy.

In late 2011 Karen and her sister-in-law, Dawn, stumbled upon the perfect location for a retail shop they had been talking about.  Inviting some crafty friends they had met while selling at local street fairs, festivals, and farmer’s markets, Karen & Dawn opened La Bella Vita at the Black Diamond Bakery.

In 2012 Dawn quit her corporate job and started working the retail shop full time and Karen sweet talked her way into a certified welding class at the local college so she could weld (her latest craft hobby) during the evenings.

Most everything Karen makes can be found at La Bella Vita; metal art, bottle caps, nightlights, coasters, and more than 500 different cards.

About Fab Cards

I almost called my cards “Aunt Nancy” after my favorite Aunt in the whole-wide-world who loves cards and handwritten letters, even in this day and age of technology.  She keeps her cards and letters stowed away in a box and re-reads them from time to time.  You can send her email, visit her on facebook but she would much rather have a nice little note waiting for her in the mailbox.

Soo.. I made a few cards for my Aunt and she mailed them to her friends and she said, “Honey, I sent all my cards out and I need more”.  I had a whole ream of paper, a bunch of images that I used for other crafts, a big box of envelopes, and I love my favorite Aunt, of course I made her more cards!

As time went on..  little birds started talking, owls gave out wisdom, and I learned that there isn’t much that a robot or monster can’t get away with saying. The special cards I made for my dear Aunt evolved into a little handmade card business.  Help keep the U.S. Post Office in business and sent a card to your favorite Aunt, your best friend or simply tape it to your cubicle at work to help you get through the daily grind (that’s what I do).

Please not that all images are copyrighted and belong to graphic designers.  They are used with permission but all images have a limited number of times I can use them.  Therefore, some cards have the same sayings but different images here and there as images reach their use limit and graphic designers change the way they want their images used.

I accept suggestions and wish list for future cards just go to my “say hi” page and ask!